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Pro-Tect Turf™ resilient playground surfacing provides a cost effective alternative to traditional playground loose-fill materials, like sand or wood chips, that require monthly maintenance. Pro-Tect Turf™ has the added benefit of engineered safety. The thickness of the shock-absorbing pad is determined by maximum fall heights for optimum safety.

This unique surfacing material offers a seamless, colorful, soft cushioned pad for designing and upgrading playgrounds. Pro-Tect Turf™ has proven to be superior in city parks, day care centers, community centers, and playgrounds in all weather. The process is professionally installed by T.J. Janca Construction, Inc., a licensed general contracting firm, and the exclusive installer and distributor of Pro-Tect Turf™.

Pro-Tect Turf™ is poured in-place and hand-troweled over any hard surface to form a spongy, yet durable, pad that stretches and contracts slightly with temperature changes. The hand-trowling of the wear surface will provide a good to exceptional non-skid finish, according to your specifications.

Pro-Tect Turf™ offers an environmentally friendly, slip resistant, low-maintenance surface that retains its original beauty for years. It can be blown free, vacuumed, hosed off, or may be washed with soap and water using a mild bristle brush.

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