Pro-Tect Turf™ can be applied over hard surfaces, such as clean asphalt, concrete, wood, tile and brick, or compacted aggregate or sand.


The substrate should also have proper drainage. T.J. Janca Construction, Inc. can provide pricing and installation of all substrates, key-ways, curbing, compaction, grading and substrate drainage, upon request. (Please see our “Quick Quote” form.)

Four-Step Process

After determining your project requirements, color choice and scheduling, the installation process is a simple four-step process.

1. Preparation of the Site and Substrate

T.J. Janca Construction, Inc. erects barricades and caution tape, as required, to prevent inadvertent pedestrian traffic on the job site for approximately 24 hours.
The substrate or base will be clean and have proper drainage. Forming and/or screeds are installed, as required.

2. Installation of the Shock Pad

We mechanically mix the California recycled tire rubber buffings with urethane resin to the specified resin-to-rubber weight ratios on site. This compound is placed, screeded, and hand-troweled to the required thickness. We recommend allowing 12 hours for drying time. (Please note: Drying time will vary depending upon thickness, temperature and humidity.)

3. Application of the Wear Course

The wear surface of Pro-Tect Turf™ is applied at 3/8” to 1/2” thickness, per specification. The wear course is composed of colored EPDM granules that are mechanically mixed with urethane resin to the specified formula. The shock pad is primed, and the wear surface is applied and hand-troweled to provide a uniform surface at the specified thickness. A special primer is applied to all solid substrates and on wear surface edges, where splices or color changes may occur. Please allow a drying time of 12 to 24 hours, depending upon weather conditions.

4. Clean Up

Upon completion of work, T.J. Janca Construction, Inc. will remove all tools, equipment, excess materials and debris from the site. The playground is then ready for immediate use.


As shown below, Pro-Tect Turf™ can be applied over hard surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, wood, tile and brick, or compacted aggregate or sand.

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